Embarrassed about your smile? Here are your options

Basic Methods for Fixing Your Smile

Is your smile lacking? Are you embarrassed to show it in public? Don’t let this stop you from smiling, laughing, eating or even singing. Instead, take advantage of any number of methods available today for fixing your smile. Let’s take a look now at some of the most basic methods out there today.


There’s nothing new about crowns. One version of this method or another has been around for centuries now. Most of us probably know someone who has benefit from crowns before. They’re a very effective way of securing your teeth against threats that could affect a cavity you’ve incurred.

However, in the past, crowns were largely thrown on top of molars and used with gold or other metals that were quite unsightly. Today, though, you can rely on a number of different composite materials that will not only keep your teeth safe, but looking great too.

Teeth Shaping

Another basic method is just reshaping the teeth. Some people simply aren’t happy with the way theirs came in. Other people may have damaged their somewhere along the way, resulting in an unsightly aesthetic.

No matter what the case, a qualified dental professional will be able to go in and reshape the actual enamel of the teeth. You can leave the dentist’s office with a tooth that’s filed to your specifications, giving your smile a beautiful look. Best of all, this operation generally doesn’t hurt at all.


Another popular, but basic, way of fixing problematic teeth is through bonding. This process is mostly used in situations where teeth have undergone permanent discoloration. It could be because of something affecting the teeth from the outside; it could also be because of stains caused by smoking, coffee, wine, etc.

Whatever the case, bonding takes material that’s the same color as a tooth and then adheres it to the discolored tooth. Even teeth that have been broken or chipped can benefit from bonding.

Teeth Whitening

Along the same lines, teeth whitening can do you a world of good where your smile is concerned. One of the most basic methods just involves buying whitening strips. These lightweight, practically invisible strips come with peroxide that work on your teeth for about a half hour at a time, giving you a bright white finish to them.

You can also see a professional for whitening that comes in the way of high-potency bleach. No matter how discolored your teeth are, this type of chemical treatment will definitely provide results.

Even more basic than the white strips are DIY (Do It Yourself) options that generally consist of baking soda and toothpaste, plus some other ingredients. You’ll get a brighter smile with very little invested.

For more serious issues, like actual missing teeth or those that have been damaged severely, you’ll definitely need to see a specialist and spend a good amount of money. However, for more basic issues, equally basic solutions can be all you need. The above examples are perfect methods for getting a better smile for less.