How Laser Lipo Works

Did you know that you can use lasers to remove fat in the body? And did you know that it can be done in such a way that most people don’t need downtime from getting lipo? It’s remarkable what a laser can do and I’m going to explain a little about laser lipo and how it works.

Marrakech spa is one of the leading laser lipo clinics in London and offers it as part of its body contouring range. Laser lipo works by using laser energy to target pockets of fat in the body that you may be finding very hard to get rid of. For example, common areas that people use this treatment on include the inner thighs, upper arms and love handles.

How it works

Lasers can penetrate the skin without having to cut through and attack fat cells. When a laser hits a fat cell, the temperature of that cell can be raised to a point where the fat thinks it is being naturally burned up and used as fuel. That fat will then break down and get ready to leave the body naturally.

What happens on the inside

Once that happens, cells inside that now vacant area will now start to wonder what to do with this space. That’s where collagen comes in. It acts like a sponge that loves to nothing more than build links under the skin and tighten things up. When we get wrinkles on our forehead or face, its because collagen is under pressure to work. When it isn’t, it loves to plump up and support the surface of the skin.

Why it’s better

Laser lipo is a safer option than traditional liposuction for a number of reasons. Firstly, in the old method a patient would have to be cut open before fat would need to be forcefully pulled out. This would then cause bloating for the surrounding tissue, bleeding and the risk of scarring after the operation.

What it means for a patient

There would also be the issue of downtime. Traditional liposuction is treated like surgery and as such a person needs time off to recover and let the body heal. Because laser lipo doesn’t invade a patient doesn’t need to take time off for recovery. It’s also a much quicker treatment as it is carried out in mini sessions that last roughly a hour (someone would expect to take 8 treatments to take two inches off their waistline)

What it means for a therapist

The older method of liposuction previously involved a large overhead in which clinics needed to essentially act as private hospitals providing tailored surgery. With this modern version of the treatment, a surgeon or therapist can carry out the laser lipo with a patient just lying on a treatment bed for a short period without risk of injury.