Is Snuff Tobacco Healthier than Cigarettes?

stubWe are all trying to live healthier lifestyles these days from the things we eat to the things we do. Gyms have never been as popular as people attempt to get a bit more fit and active and our eating habits have also changed to complement this new lifestyle.

Dietary habits are being changed in a big way to compliment active lifestyles but also because of a heightened awareness about how harmful the things we put in our bodies can be. Several high profile documentaries have shown how harmful fast food and processed food can be to us and we’re starting to heed that warning.

Probably the most notable example of this is how attitudes to smoking have changes in the last few years. With the law changes making it more difficult to smoke in public, the changes to packaging warning us of the dangers and display and advertising restrictions things have definitely changed.

The tobacco industry is changing again and people are looking to alternatives to enjoy their tobacco use. One of these alternatives is Snuff Tobacco which is starting to see the kind of popularity it last enjoyed in the 1800’s. Popular snuff brands, such as McCrystals, are enjoying this popularity and with a wide variety of flavours available to their customers it is a market that appears to be one that can grow even more.

But is it a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes? The simple answer is yes, it has been proved to carry considerably less risk than the smoking of tobacco but that is not to say it is without risk.

With any tobacco product there is a certain amount of risk involved with chemicals that are known to have cancer causing properties found in it. If you are intent on enjoying tobacco products though risks are lessened through the use of snuff against the smoking of cigarettes.

Smoking also carries the risk of infections of the airways and lungs such as chronic bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs such as pneumonia and the damage to the lungs airways which can lead to emphysema.

The risk of coronary heart disease and strokes are also increased with smoking and though taking snuff tobacco has been shown not to increase that risk it can increase the risk of fatality should these problems occur.

Aside from the health risks that can be reduced by stopping smoking the cost of snuff in comparison to the ever rising cost of cigarettes is surprising. There does not appear to be a break in the future for the rising cost of smoking so snuff is not only a more convenient option but also cheaper.

Snuff tobacco is definitely an option worth exploring if you are looking for an alternative to smoking without giving up tobacco products.