The Beauty Benefits of Skin Peel Treatments

Cosmetic treatments to improve certain types of skin conditions or damage are proving a popular choice for many people. Skin peels are one of the oldest known procedures to rectify certain skin problems, although advances in modern medicine has vastly improved over the years, and they are now considered an effective, safe treatment with fast results. By applying TCA chemicals to the affected area, typically the face, neck or hands, damaged layers of skin is removed leaving a new skin layer.

Sun-damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, dark circles under the eyes and hereditary factors can all contribute to the skin ageing quicker than most people would like. Skin peel treatments would be useful in these circumstances to reduce the appearance of aging skin and offer a more youthful look.

Other conditions such as acne, scarring left from acne, freckles, stretch marks, melasma and chloasma, dry or rough skin patches, pigmentation and mild blemishes, may also all benefit from skin peels. Results are dependent on the skin tone and level of damage, but generally the treatment will improve both the appearance and texture of the skin.

Reducing or eliminating any of the above conditions will likely improve the life of the recipient. Not only will they have noticeably rejuvenated, fresher and younger looking skin, they will feel more confident in themselves and less insecure over their appearance.

Who would make an ideal candidate?

  • Although the best candidates for skin peel treatments are those with fair skin and light hair, good results can still be achieved if they have darker skin or hair.
  • Ideal candidates would usually be those who feel their skin condition is making them so self-conscious that it is affecting their happiness; possibly to the extent they have lost self-confidence.
  • Their physical health would be good and they would not smoke. A smoker would need to stop for several weeks prior to and after a treatment.
  • Those suffering from heart conditions would not be an ideal candidate for deep skin peel treatments.
  • The candidate would understand to what extent the treatment could work, and not have unrealistic expectations of the outcome.
  • They would also be fully aware of their expected recovery time and understand it is imperative to apply a high-factor sunscreen to the treated area during this time.