Things to consider when choosing a courier service


Whether you’re a large company or an SMB (small/medium-sized business), an essential part of the services you provide is getting products from point A to point B. Your online company may be doing fine attracting visitors, but if you drop ship or personally have merchandise mailed out from a warehouse, then the efficiency with which you do this will have a direct reflection on the entire business. Thanks go out to the staff at Monarch Transport, long term couriers based in Glasgow, for their help with the following information.

The Advantages of a Courier Service

This is why so many UK companies are opting to outsource their delivery process to reputable courier services. As is the case with most outsourced work, you’re depending on a company that does this as its primary (or sole, in most cases) operation, and has everything in place to carry out this function better than you ever could. Because of this preexisting and dedicated infrastructure, a UK courier service has at a handful of reasons why it’s a better bet than trying to do it on your own.

  1. Courier Services save on delivery costs for heavier items. They can improve drastically on the prices commanded by express shipping using the national delivery service; especially for for bulky items being transported distances less than about 60-100 miles. Distance – not weight – is often what really drives the price of delivery up, and courier services have established networks to minimize these costs.
  2. A professional UK courier service has a wide reach, which means that you can count on their coverage areas to extend to your customers. Their long list of delivery options also means that you aren’t constricted in the options you have for your customers at checkout – whether it’s within a few business days, express shipping or even overnight.
  3. Flexibility is imperative; when looking for a courier company to suit your needs, make sure you choose one that is capable of making same-day pick-ups and same-day deliveries. Their ground service network must be well-established and maintained, of course, and the product must, in principle, be deliverable within the day. For example, if a customer is 100 miles away, then same day delivery may not be possible if the limit of an express courier delivery service is 60 miles.
  4. This next consideration highlights the impact a robust UK courier service can have on your business. One of the most common points of customer satisfaction is receiving items within the specified time frame. A service that accomplishes this builds customer loyalty, sales and satisfaction. Furthermore, a cost-effective courier service is like icing on the cake.
  5. Delivery when no one else will. This is one of the primary benefits of using a courier service; many of these companies will pick up and deliver products around the clock, and do so on weekends and evenings – extending even to holidays. It might be rare when you actually need bulk orders fulfilled and carried out during most holidays, but it’s certainly a competitive advantage that can’t be minimized.
  6. And now we get to the primary reason why UK courier services can save you so much money when compared to the standard delivery options: freight pooling. By grouping together products from separate companies that are going to the same general areas, freight pooling saves money because it minimizes distance while maximizing the amount of product to the same location – a winning formula; the costs of which are reflected in a reduction in your overall investment.
  7. Sometimes, you require a customized delivery option – you can’t get this with a national delivery service. A courier service, on the other hand, specializes in this and can set such options up at your direction for reasonable prices. If you’re in the food industry, for example, you may need to send products in bulk somewhere before they expire. Or, a recurring shipment between B2B liaisons is expedient, such as consistent deliveries of goods several times a week for a period of a month.
  8. A courier company’s most important assets are its drivers and vehicles, and most of them will loan these to you for specified purposes. What if you need to ferry inventory between warehouses, but don’t have the requisite number of vehicles to make the process efficient? A UK courier service almost certainly has the drivers and transportation a-plenty, and as such, minimize the need for you to maintain an in-house fleet of your own vehicles – with all the costs that would incur.
  9. Reliability is an attribute on which you cannot place enough importance. As their sole profession, courier companies vet their drivers completely; with background checks, work history verification and other markers of dependability. They can be trusted with the transportation of everything from important documents, to medical supplies and perishables

For all these reasons and more, give a UK courier service a call to streamline your delivery services at affordable prices.